Embrace and Thrive Within the Hispanic Market

Embrace and Thrive Within the Hispanic Market

What Makes New American Funding a Great Place to Work?

What Makes New American Funding
a Great Place to Work?

What's Our Secret

Marketing to Millennials

Where Talent Thrives

Rick and Patty Arvielo opened New American Funding in 2003 and have led the company to become the industry powerhouse it is today. In addition to our successful retail platform, we've grown our builder and loan servicing units.

People like working with us for the same reasons they like working for us — we offer personalized service, high quality standards, and have an ongoing commitment to excellence.

Our Growth

2012 - 2020 Cumulative Loan Volume




~4000 Employees


3100+ Employees


2900+ Employees


2700+ Employees


2300+ Employees


2000+ Employees

We are a Direct Lender, Seller & Servicer Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, & Ginnie Mae
We are a team of about 4,000 employees with 201 branches in operation nationwide
We maintain a servicing portfolio of over 146,000 loans for $36 billion


  • Rick Arvielo

    Rick Arvielo

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Patty Arvielo

    Patty Arvielo

  • Christy Bunce

    Christy Bunce

    Chief Operations Officer
  • Jan Preslo

    Jan Preslo

    EVP, Retail Production
  • Sam Ellsworth

    Sam Ellsworth

    Director, National Retail Sales
  • Kelly Allison

    Kelly Allison

    SVP, Southeast
  • Tony Blodgett

    Tony Blodgett

    SVP, Northwest
  • Elly Cummings

    Elly Cummings

    SVP, Great Lakes
  • Trevor Eschrich

    Trevor Eschrich

    SVP, San Diego
  • Eli Fairfield

    Eli Fairfield

    SVP, Southern California West
  • Chris Garza

    Chris Garza

    SVP, Midpacific
  • Hamid Hamrah

    Hamid Hamrah

    SVP, Midwest
  • Milton Karavites

    Milton Karavites

    SVP, Mountain West


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Another Year of Achievements

Move forward with an award-winning company. Check out what we’ve achieved this past year.

Company Culture

Active in the Industry & Community

Latino Focus Committee

In 2013, New American Funding formed the Latino Focus Committee with the mission to identify and address challenges Hispanic consumers face in their pursuit of homeownership.

Lending a Helping Hand

We live by the values of our company culture and believe in lending a helping hand to others. We work hard, but never forget to support important causes through community volunteer efforts.