b'PUTTING YOU IN CONTROLYou want live leads? Weve got themanytime you want and as many as you want! Through our Local Buyer LOCAL BUYERConnect program, you are matched geographically with CONNECT local live borrowers who are transferred directly to your phone so you can grow your business and expand your reach at your pace.Ready to gain a huge competitive advantage? RE Home Connect, our affiliated Real Estate Agent matching RE HOMEservice, connects your borrowers with a local real CONNECT estate agent. Through this streamlined process, you are able to incentivize the buyer with a special lender credit for closing costs and/or to buy down the rate.No time to take on new clients? No problem! Designed with your busy day in mind, the Hybrid Connect HYBRIDprogram pairs you up with one of our inside Loan CONNECT Officers to handle all the refinancing while the loan and the post-funding materials stay in your name as you retain the client and the business. www . TEAMNEWAMERICAN . com'