Leadership Christy Bunce COO “We’re competitive in the industry because of the loan products we can offer, the team knows that if a loan can be done, we’ll do it.” Jan Preslo EVP - RETAIL PRODUCTION “Every new hire always comes back to me marveled at our fast process, and grateful for the level of support they receive. They watch their business grow.” Jon Reed EVP - RETAIL SALES “At New American Funding we redefine flexibility. As America’s premier mortgage lender, we are committed to our customers. We are always striving to exceed their expectations and fulfill the American dream of home ownership.” Sam Ellsworth SVP - NATIONAL STRATEGIC DEVELOPMENT Scott Bristol SVP - NATIONAL RETAIL SALES “New American Funding is the ultimate Team experience. A collaborative and competitive culture, we work together and we win together. It’s the people at New American that make this company so special.” “From the ownership on down the people at New American Funding are some of the best and brightest in the industry. The powerful combination of intuitive technology, crisp marketing, and world class fulfillment makes this a company that can win in the mortgage space for years to come.” Rick Arvielo CEO “Our Retail Lending Division team is incredible at accommodating the changing and variable needs of their partners and clients. We’re so fortunate to have a team of such high caliber mortgage professionals; they’re the best I’ve ever seen.” Patty Arvielo PRESIDENT “New American Funding is one big family focused on creating homeownership opportunities. I love the people I work with, and the team we’ve built.”